Coming up: Performer in Pontus Pettersson’s ”Ägget, katten och dikten-Där ytan river sår” at Konsthall C and performance at Queer Art Fest at Konsthall C

I’m invited to perform in Pontus Pettersson’s work ”Ägget, katten och dikten-Där ytan river sår” 14th of April 1-4pm at Konsthall C. The opening for the exhibition is on the 5th of April 5-9pm. For further info:

I’am also invited to perform at the Queer Art Fest, 12th of May 4pm at Konsthall C. The two-days festival is organized by StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm (Sara Swanson and Soledad Aznar) together with GeraldoButcher Queen, Vera van Eindhoven and Tom O´Tottenham. For further info:

Revolt, Riot, Rage

As part of my engagement A Call for Care and Connection, artist and musician Tsomak Oga and I have produced Revolt, Riot, Rage.

Music composition and Cello: Tsomak Oga. Lyrics and Song: Mario Fjell

Forest formations

Delta #3 Forest formations is led by the artists Malin Arnell and Mario Fjell

Dark is dangerous. You can’t see anything in the dark, you’re afraid. Don’t move, you might fall. Most of all, don’t get into the forest

–Hélène Cixous, “Le Rire de la Méduse”, 1975 (“The Laugh of the Medusa”, 1976)

Forest formations is a three hour class which invites you to collectively engage with the resources at hand, and to get into the forest. Through task-like scores we will explore the porosity of the surfaces within our togetherness. The class includes two parts: an indoor warm-up and an outdoor excursion.

Zine ”Forest formations”, produced in connection with the class at (Pdf)

Delta #3: Mario Fjell & Malin Arnell, March 26th, 6-9pm,

We are happy to be sharing our practice during Delta #3.

Delta is a coming together for choreographic and performative work to be shared and exercised, a place for sharing work by doing the work. Body to body, bodies and body. A container for participatory projects, dancing, exchange and choreographic inquiries.

Delta functions as a participatory space, where an invited guest share the choreographic intention and inquiry on the floor (not on stage). A space for people to explore their bodies and move together, as individuals and collective. For every occasion a zine is released, available in print and online. Delta is organised by Pontus Pettersson/MOPA Production together with Izabella Borzecka/

For more info:


Documentation from ”Absorbed Vibration or Gravity of Loss” (2018)

Action and Installation (2018)

I got invited through Every Roysdon to take part in Academiae Art Biennale, Fortezza-Franzensfeste, Bolzano, Italy. The Biennale is organised by Art in the Alps Association and curated by Christian Jankowski.

In collaboration with Malin Arnell, I made an installation and action of measuring distance between two points using two bodies, 90 minutes.